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Welcome to 4 Seasons Plantations

We supply high quality aromatic herbs to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Natural Assets

Unique Herbs from unique places.

Our herbs are spontaneous and produced by Mother Nature in Morocco; A unique geographical location that hosts one of the most diversified ecosystems in the Mediterranean region.

The size of California, Morocco embraces the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, The Atlas and Rif Mountain chains, the Sahara desert and so much more. These geographical contrasts have allowed for a wide variety of Mediterranean bioclimates which gave birth to a rich wild flora. A flora made up of 41 ecosystems with about 4200 species and 600 varieties of Aromatic and medicinal plants. These varieties grow naturally in hundreds of thousands of hectares across Morocco. Herb Varieties that are naturals and uniques in their chemotypes. Indeed tens of species are endemic only to Morocco.

Our herbs are collected from undisturbed and far reached places accessible sometimes only by foot or on the back of pack animals.

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