Welcome to 4 Seasons Plantations

We supply high quality aromatic herbs to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Fresh herbs farming.

We also specialize in the greenhouse production of fresh fine herbs. Lemon thyme, purple, Thai and lemon basils, garlic chives, English mint are amongst a long list of gourmet fresh herbs that we grow exclusively for our clients.

Vegetables production.

On the quiet Atlantic coastline city of Skhirat and on a modern 17 ha farm, we cultivate in our greenhouses, all year long, and exclusively for supermarkets, tomatoes, green beans, and potatoes on open field.

Mango fruit production

We are one of the first to have introduced the production of exotic fruits in a non tropical country such as Morocco. Indeed, 14 years ago, we started, in our beautiful small coastline farm, the plantation of mango trees. Today we produce exquisite quality mangoes that are very much prized in the local market.

4 Seasons Plantations. 239 Hay Nahda Complement 1. Rabat 10000. Morocco
Tel: +212 661 16 42 56/ +212 537 65 68 98 Fax: +212 537 75 79 84